Hi! I'm Ember. I use she/her and they/them pronouns. I am transfemme and genderfluid. My partner is JM who has a Zonelets blog as well.

I write about games, tools, fun websites, and my gamedev projects. I may eventually write about music and genderfluidity, but for now I'm just really interested in gamedev and tooldev.

I made this blog because I write a lot of stuff on the internet, and most of my time spent writing is in private Discord servers. I love helping people by answering their questions, but when it comes to sharing stuff on Discord or even just Twitter, it feels too easy to bat something away and forget that it ever happened.

I miss the permanence of saying "this is cool, you should check it out" and so I'd like to use this blog to outline cool projects I'm working on, as well as share cool websites I find on the internet that are either incredibly useful, or just fun and unique. I hope you enjoy whatever I end up writing about!


This isn't super professional (yet) I'm just getting my feet wet here with an html resume.


Community Management


Where else to find me on the internet

Things I may write about in the future

This list of topics is no guarantee, I just want to keep this as a public and accountable list of my ideas for this blog.


When it comes to others' music, I hope to write about:

When it comes to my own music, I hope to write about: