Emberlynn Bland Homepage


Stuff I've done for fun to help others!

What is Furry Music?

An ongoing list of nearly 100 artists I've come across in the Furry Music sphere. I try to shine a light on interesting artists doing something different and unusual while bearing the furry label.

GB Studio Plugin Database

An up-to-date spreadsheet of plugins, mods, templates, guides, and auxiliary tools for GB Studio. Organized by version number with authors fully credited.

Furry Visual Novel Resources

A one-off spreadsheet of asset packs, legal advice, marketing advice, ren'py code examples, and writing guides intended for the Furry Visual Novel community.

Discord Server Moderating

Too many to list properly, I've moderated several online spaces for artists. My goal is to make users feel safe to be themselves, to share their works, and to learn from eachother.


No longer maintained, but I used to do music livestreams of indie musicians' work, and invite musicians from various servers I'd been in. This was a common place for new artists to debut big productions they'd worked on, as well as short demos or even voice note recordings.