Ember's Community Zone

I am a communicator at heart. I love seeing unique things and having exciting conversation with new people. I have been a leader for several community events online and have a sincere interest in creating a positve space for others to feel comfortable in.

As a Calgarian who's had trouble finding other musicians my age, I've taken to finding and creating online musician spaces as a way to meet others like myself.

Twitch Livestreaming

Monthly Music Stream (MMS)

From being in a lot of indie music circles, I created MMS as a way of rounding up the demos and works in progress of these many music channels. What I found was that it was a really refreshing way to find new artists, and to let my music friends celebrate the creation process without the judgement of having it be complete.

I recall many times people in chat would say "this is my song, it's not done, I think it's bad" and be met with a lot of praise and excitement for creating something super unique or catchy. I can't think of a single time that sentence would be said where it would reflect what I thought. I genuinely loved so many submissions to MMS and I enjoyed the regularity of the event, especially as it grew to multiple friend groups and started reaching a few people I'd never met before.

I really didn't want to stop doing MMS, but I found it was a big commitment of my time while I was doing several part-time jobs and figuring out my life's path.

Here's two VOD links to previous MMS streams:

SPOOKY M.M.S. feat. Halloween Comp Album!

End-of-April Monthly Music Showcase

Online Music Concerts

Not to be confused with MMS, I have also held concerts of just myself playing my own music live on stream.

Discord Servers

Club Technochocolate

I am currently the owner of club technochocolate, a homestar runner fanserver with over 200 members. While I have currently been taking a break and mostly just checking in these days while the mod team keeps the server in order, I have done and plan to do more events, livestreams, contests and others for the server.

Technical Help Channels

I've spent over 3 years on Discord channels providing help for the following community channels:

I enjoy answering people's technical questions. My goal when answering is to encouage people to ask any questions, no matter how preconcieved or beginner-level they may be.