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I love playing games, and I also love being creative. It's taken me many years to get to this point, but I am slowly accumulating a backlog of completed, publicly-available games using my budding coding skills. My ability to manage projects and scope them appropriately has helped incredibly as I am now publishing more of my own game projects and experiments.

Most of what I've made is on my itch.io page.

I consider myself a budding programmer. Godot Engine's GDScript (a python-like language) is my favourite language, as I've been able to create tools that run on HTML5 and local-multiplayer FPS games using the Godot Engine and its built-in language. I have also taught beginner-level Python, C# in Unity, Lua in Roblox, and Scratch to Kids and Teens. My personal projects are centered on my experience with these 5 languages.

The rest of this page will go over each of my projects and the process behind their creation.

Table of Contents

Finished Games


I created 6ROOMS as a challenge to make a game with the smallest scope possible, just to see what I could do within the small scope. Using GB Studio's prefab character movement and its drag-and-drop coding tools helped me create something that I think told something of a coherent story, even if a lot of it is somewhat mysterious. I did this out of frustration that many of my game projects were too ambitious to be reasonably finished by myself as a budding solo developer. What resulted was my first-ever public game I'd finally published as an adult.

Footy Kit Designer

A game I made for the famicase jam, based on Steve Propst's famicase of the same title. This is the project I'm most proud of for the small scope and higher level of polish I managed to put in this little game.

Keep Away!

My first Godot multiplayer game, and my first published 3D game. Hit balls for your side, and whoever owns the most at the end wins. You can also knock eachother off the map. WASD + Mouse vs Xbox 360 controller. I started this project as a way to try and keep my brother and I entertained during quarantine.


Mosc Nat de Vota

A game I made with my partner JM for an Audio Game jam. We came up with the idea together and I had their help to code the grid logic. It was super unfinished but it was at least a project we attempted together.

Gargoyle Party

A game with a team of 4 for Alberta Game Jam, a subset of the Global Game Jam.

Get Handsy

This game is NSFW and is for adults only. You can learn more about it by clicking here. More details to follow.

Check In

A game I made based on Clippy the Paperclip, but with a more honest, mental-health focused approach. It's largely just a test and it doesn't help that it eventually crashes, but I was riding the coattails of Get Handsy and wanted to explore the idea of catering to someone's emotions in a game, only through the medium of a pop-up office assistant. I eventually wanted to let this game become more of a story about a program trying to figure out a queer identity that it's experimenting with.

Bird Management

A game inspired by Fallout Shelter and general virtual pets. I wanted something explicitly cuddly and intimate in a way that wouldn't objectify people or real animals in the process. This was the reasoning for my choice to use self-aware, communally-cuddly anthropomorphic birds.

This prototype is nearly out, wait a bit if you don't see it on my itch.io page.

Godot Plugins

PercentMargin Container

Roblox Projects

I am also currently working on building Roblox games and utilizing Lua to create interactable objects and satisfying mechanics. Here's a list of my current projects on Roblox:

Scratch Projects

I have a long history of scratch projects through multiple accounts, some of which were games. I'm proud of these looking back, feel free to give them a try. I made all of these before transitioning but nothing personally revealing is up there.

WIP Godot Projects

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