I'm coming up on the end of my first semester in school here and I've been thinking about how I want to approach this upcoming winter creatively. I always like to keep myself busy, although I've found the most stress-free approach is to just take whatever I run into. At the very least I'd like to just give a rundown of the stuff on my mind that I'm looking forward to tackling once or twice during my winter break:

Looking at this I realize that actually the most exciting thing for me out of this list is finishing my first Black Mesa Source map. I started it because I'd been deeply following Robert Yang's "Level With Me" series on Black Mesa Source through YouTube, which started around the end of last year. It's been wrapping up just now but it's really re-ignited my interest in level design and working with BSP. I've spent just over 1000 hours in the program total, and undoubtedly 100s of hours just drawing and studying CSGO level design. Creating CSGO map ideas were a nice sudoku-type puzzle for me, but I'd always wondered what it was like for open-ended maps with far fewer rules. (Turns out they're a lot more fun and the bar of quality is way lower.) So I'm looking forward to how this first Black Mesa Source map will turn out. Let me know if you want to test the Black Mesa map as I work on it.

I have one final song to finish on my big album, I keep putting it off and I dunno why, I think I just need to set a livestream date where my entire focus is just to finish my album, because that motivation has not come intrinsically, but I really am desperate to finally show off this 3 year piece of history just hanging in my drafts. It's like, really so close! We're talking mixing adjustments and comping!

I'm undoubtedly gonna write more docs for GB Studio because I love the program and the community <3

I found a cool tumblr-archive program called TumblThree that needs docs done so I can see it as my rainy day project when I feel like writing docs, but not for GB Studio ^ ^;

The Dunkaccino meme found me and I am not proud of what I made. I need to make some good classic YTPs to cleanse my internet soul.

Other than that, yeah, this blog. I want to get more blog posts out now that I have a much stronger grasp of HTML. I just finished up some early courses in my schooling to learn more about how pages work. Unfortunately I can't really use my intro knowledge now that I have this handy template to help me out. Most other writing I've done is for docs that already have stuff set up. But oh well. Hopefully this was an interesting insight into what I've had on my mind outside of school.