I've been finding some cool websites of late, and I gotta say, as much as I want to do these cool sites justice by bookmarking them...something doesn't feel right about just bookmarking them and hoping I'll do something with them later on. I mean, let's think about bookmarking as an action for a second.

How many times have you actually gone back to a page you bookmarked at one point?

I really want to give these sites some love but in a way that's a little more permanent and impactful than just tweeting about them. I think I've finally found a really good use for this blog, so I hope these posts will provide better insight into finding stuff that is actually cool to go check out on the internet, made by cool artists, open source projects, or just people trying to do good. Anyways, let's run through these sites and bookmarks one by one!

Behold, a playthrough to spoil the surprise. I really reccomend you just check it out for yourself first though.

The Club is a for-real, actual MMO game made by CrowsCrowsCrows that exists to evoke the feeling of niche MMOs with fun hangout spaces. It taps into the kind of nostalgia I have for games like Club Penguin, Toontown, and 2011 Roblox where people would just hang out in a virtual place online to exist and be their weird selves.

I think what's most important to know about The Club is that it is so specific about what it wants to be: a place to hear original music from a real cultivated community and hang out with friends virtually, with many little easter eggs and weird pieces to pick up on. They even make sure that all music in the game is in the same "vibe" by handing out a 300+ sample asset pack for producers to create songs with, where they have to only use contents from the sample pack (give or take a few vocal features). This was probably the one thing that made me remember the club so well because this sample pack is actually pretty good! I think it's a clever way to attract modern hyperpop, PC music, and generally experimental music producers with the weird, self-aware hyper-culture selection of samples on display.

I think it's just a really great game that is a really interesting product of our times. It evokes the nostalgia of MMOs, early internet culture, and close-knit community simply by being a great natural alternative to all of these things. There's a specific "club culture" on display in The Club, it is an MMO, and there's a Discord community to keep it relevant and talkative (since the T to Talk options can only convey so much to eachother).

If you are reading this and have ever enjoyed an MMO (or homestuck, I guess) once in your life, you should definitely give The Club a try, if only to run around and enjoy the weird atmosphere. Be aware that there are many bright solid colours, loud changes in music volume, some faces that stare blankly at you in the after-afterlife, murky unusual sounds in the bathroom, and just a lot of general uncanniness ahoy. Knowing how fragile I am with things that spook me, I'm just kinda surprised I enjoy what The Club is as much as I do, without even participating in the community in any capacity.