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Warning! This license/page is incomplete! There are no downloads availble here yet.

These packs are meant to help you create your own original art. Everything here is free!

If you plan to use my resources for any reason, besides minting or selling NFTs, you are already in the clear and can head on down to the packs section.

GGRL v0.1 was last updated

Note to Ember: Consider creating graphic symbols to help represent the nature of the license a la creative commons.

Table of contents

Goodnight Girl Resource License v0.1

The spirit of this license is to encourage the transformative creation of art, and to archive/preserve these assets for other artists to use for generations to come.


License terminology definitions are at the bottom of the page. Here's the greatest hits:

What you can do

If you are an artist creating art, you are generally in the clear. You are free to:

What you can't do

If you're interested in creating NFTs or finding a loophole to make them from these assets, you're outta luck buster.