Work Experience

Customer Service Representative at Second City Printing Solutions (2022)

Please contact April Pearson (see references below) for performance details.

Two-week work practicum at SAIT (2021)

Freelance Graphic Designer (2018-2020, 2022)

Front Desk at Avant Garde Music Studio (2017)


Software proficiency

Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat)
File management on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Raster Image Processor software (Freeflow, Fiery)
Maintaining a CMS (Wordpress, HTML/CSS/JS)

Personal Profile


SAIT Graphic Communications and Print Technology Diploma (2022)

Two-year program, with a mix of graphic design challenges and press & bindery operation.

SAIT Graphic Design Fast Track Achievement (2019)

Three-month program, focused on designing for clients with short turnaround times.

Robert Thirsk High School Diploma (2016)

Graduated with a proficiency in English and Multimedia.


Second City Printing Solutions

April Pearson - Sales Lead - (403) 816-5115 |

April mentored me through my duties as a customer service representative at Second City. Although my main task was to respond to clients, I carried out many responsibilities including graphic design, prepress, and delivery. This required me to communicate with every department so I could convey accurate information to clients, suppliers, and my teammates.

Emerson Clarke Printing

Len Knight - Owner - (403) 250-8933 |

Len oversaw my practicum at Emerson Clarke. My goal with this practicum was to understand the limitations that production imposes when designing products for the real world. Len was great to work with and answered a lot of my questions while I was there.

SAIT Graphic Communications and Print Technology

Two of several instructors who oversaw my work during my two-year program at SAIT. I loved working with Brenda and Jean.

Brenda Klassen - Instructor - (403) 210-4016 |

Jean Paterson - Instructor - (403) 829-3741 |

During my press classes, Brenda taught me a lot about the various shortcomings of different job approaches, and the quality assurance involved in executing a job. Meanwhile, Jean taught me about customer relations, business communications, and estimating.

In Closing

I would be thrilled to have an interview with you. Please reach out by email to schedule a time. You can contact me through any of the below means. Thank you for your consideration. | (587) 284-8492 | Find me on LinkedIn